HAQ BAHOO Welfare Center

Achievement 1

During the past few years a number of children have been educated saving them from the societies child labour rule and begging mafia.

Achievement 2

The center have been providing free rations to the underprivileged and deserving needy people without hurting their self respect and dignity.

Achievement 3

A number of people having been helped who were loosing hope from life. People have been saved and guided morally and ethically.

Our Mission

Our mission at Haq Bahoo Welfare Center is to help those who see towards us with Hope, and have Belief that their basic necessities will be fulfilled by us.


Madrasa Sultania

During the year 2002 a Madrasa was formed under the name of our ancestry, the institute provides religious education to over 50 children monthly. The children gaining education then serve a number of institutions.


Monthly Rations

Since the year 2003, the center have been providing monthly rations to the underprivileged, in the form of raw food items. We had started with providing rations to 30 homes now we are catering to almost 400 homes.


Bridal Gifts

In the Pakistani culture, its very common that Bridal gifts are taken from the bride else marriages are delayed. At Haq Bahoo we provide monthly Bridal gift to atleast one bride based on anonymity, safeguarding their respect and dignity.