HAQ BAHOO Welfare Center - How to Help


You donations will help the underprivileged have a better life. Donate


To serve the society join us as a volunteer by sending your complete details.Contact Us


You know of someone who might require our help, be our hands, send us the complete details.Contact Us

How DonationsRow to Communities

The society is full of underprivileged and deserving people, they range from children to elderly adults, the donations being provided to the Center helps the needy by going to their door step not hurting their personal esteem and securing their respect from being abused in public.

The donations are used to educate the underprivileged children by paying there fees and basic necessities required, donations are used to provide dowry to the girls with parent not having enough to meet the demands, donations are used to provide coffins and arrangement for the needy, donations are used to provide monthly rations to the underprivileged. The complete circulation is directly monitored by the founder of the Center Sain Iqbal Sabir Shah.

How Can You Donate?

Gifts and Rations sent to: Astana Faizan-e-Afzal, F-165, Martin Qtr, 3 Jamshed Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Western Union to First Name: Muhammad Last Name: Iqbal (kindly sent mtcn number by sms or email)